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Megan Friedman

Native South Floridian, current New Jersey resident, consistent animal lover and Internet addict. Natural born editor with a journalism background, currently working in tech.


‘Pioneer Woman’ Star on Getting Her Own Barbie

When Ree Drummond first saw the Barbie doll inspired by her, she sent it back for a new wardrobe.
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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star on Beating Cancer

Ami Brown opens up about fighting stage 3 lung cancer.
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Spotify's Boot Camp Could Transform Podcasts

Spotify is giving three women $10,000 to make their own podcasts.

"Drag Race" Finalist Eureka O’Hara

Eureka, the self-proclaimed “elephant queen,” opened up to Here about the struggle to define yourself in a binary world.
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"Roseanne" Addresses the Opioid Crisis

Throughout the rebooted season of Roseanne, viewers have seen Roseanne Conner limp around the set, complaining about a bad knee. And it turns out that limp — and those winces of pain — weren’t just acting.
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Inside "The Handmaid’s Tale” Soundtrack

The music cues in The Handmaid's Tale can feel disconcerting. And that's on purpose.
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When Harry and Meghan Went Public

An interview with Andrew Morton about his new book, "Meghan: A Hollywood Princess."
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Behind Harry and Meghan's Church Wedding

In another era, Prince Harry marrying Meghan Markle would have been a scandal so large it would shake the British monarchy to its core. The bride-to-be is an American, a divorcée, and she also attended a Catholic school as a child—comparisons to Wallis Simpson and the Abdication aren't without their logic.
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What Life Is Like After Shark Tank

The ABC reality show, which is currently in its ninth season, has been a launching ground for tons of successful companies — and, perhaps, even more companies that couldn’t stay afloat.
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What It’s Really Like to Ride in the Cash Cab

It’s an item on every New Yorker’s bucket list—and that goes for New York tourists, too:.
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Exclusive: Lauer Won't Appear on Tree Lighting

On Wednesday morning, NBC announced it had fired Today show host Matt Lauer after an allegation of "inappropriate sexual behavior."
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Tom Hopper on His Epic Game of Thrones Scene

Yes, he's seen all those Dickon memes.


Megan Friedman

I'm a magazine junkie, in print and online. (I blame my mom, who can never resist a checkout-counter glossy.) These days I have moved from the magazine world to the world of tech, working at Google as the Features Editor of The Keyword.



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