Megan Friedman

Writer, Editor, Communications Professional

New York, NY

Megan Friedman

Native South Floridian, current New Jersey resident, consistent animal lover and Internet addict. Natural born editor with a journalism background, currently working in tech.


Finally, a Race That Even Michael Phelps Can't Win

Michael Phelps isn't accustomed to losing much these days. But he knows he can't beat a shark.
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A Con Expert Weighs in on This Week's Better Call Saul Scams

On the season finale of Better Call Saul, Jimmy goes back to his old Slippin' roots, pulling off cons around Chicago with his old buddy, Marco.
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The Endless Barrage of ‘S–t Girls Say’ Parodies

Think you have a great idea for a “S—t People Say” video? Don’t even bother.

The Top 10 Viral Videos of 2011

Rebecca Black, 13, wanted to be a singer when she grew up. So her mother forked over $4,000 to production company Ark Music Factory to create a vanity music video for her. What was supposed to be a fun project ended up propelling Black, now the ripe old age of 14, to viral stardom. The song's lyrical platitudes ("Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday / Today it is Friday, Friday") and relentlessly catchy chorus led to the video racking up millions of views — and becoming YouTube's most "disliked" video ever, surpassing Justin Bieber's "Baby." Link to Story

Gaming for a Living: Can eSports Finally Make It Big in America?

Sean Plott tends to stay at home most days. But when he emerges from his Los Angeles house, he's a star.

Close Quarters: 5 Pint-Sized Hotels

From capsules in Japan to underwater homes in Sweden, these hotel rooms redefine cozy Link to Story

Crazy Cruises: 7 Offbeat Excursions

Whether sailing with celebrities or hanging out with bikers, cruises are going off the deep end

The 10 Coolest Restrooms in America

Proving that there is indeed a contest for everything, check out the nominees for 2012's America's Best Restroom competition

14 Precious Pet Fashions

Our pets are our most faithful companions, and they deserve nothing but the best-the choicest meals, the most stimulating toys and, yes, even the most fashion-forward garments. Luckily, there are plenty of adorable clothing options to choose from if you're looking to pamper your dog or cat.
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Megan Friedman

I'm a magazine junkie, in print and online. (I blame my mom, who can never resist a checkout-counter glossy.) These days I have moved from the magazine world to the world of tech, working at Google as the Features Editor of The Keyword.



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