Megan Friedman

Deputy News Editor at Hearst Digital Media

New York, NY

Megan Friedman

Native South Floridian, current Jersey resident, consistent animal lover and Internet addict. Natural born editor who specializes in lifestyle, culture, travel, and women's issues.


Review: Disney's Pandora: World of Avatar

Get ready to wait in some insane lines. But it might be worth it.
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11 Things Every Woman Needs to Know About Credit Cards

The way for you to master the system is by getting good credit.
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Are the IKEA Mom's Claims of Human Trafficking Legit?

Experts say no — but there are still ways to keep your kids safe in crowded, public places.
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Inside the Butterball Turkey Talk Line

What it's like to help America cook its Thanksgiving turkey.
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8 Ways to Make Your Uber Driver Not Hate You

Apps like Uber and Lyft not only let you rate your driver — they also let your driver rate you on a five-star scale.
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19 Sneaky and Genius Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Save money without your guests ever noticing.
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​7 Things All Newlyweds Need to Do With Their Money, Stat

The full meaning of "for richer or for poorer."​

7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Kentucky Derby Hat

Sure, the Kentucky Derby is the biggest horse race of the year. But let's be honest: It's really more of a fashion show for the most over-the-top hats of the year.
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We Need to Talk About Hoverboard Safety

Hoverboards was the definitely the hottest toy of the holiday season. Unfortunately, they were so hot that some of them literally burst into flames.
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7 Things Twentysomethings Should Never Do With Their Money

Saving more money is up there with "start eating salad" on everyone's New Year's resolution list.
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7 Signs FOMO Is Ruining Your Dating Life

FOMO is creeping its way into your relationships, too — and hurting them in the long run.
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6 Reasons Why Happily Married Couples Still Cheat

The concept of marriage has completely turned on its head — and that can lead to disaster in the long run.
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Megan Friedman

I'm a magazine junkie, in print and online. (I blame my mom, who can never resist a checkout-counter glossy.) I love writing about pop culture, travel and tech — and sometimes a combination of the three.

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