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Megan Friedman

Native South Floridian, current New Jersey resident, consistent animal lover and Internet addict. Natural born editor with a journalism background, currently working in tech.


‘Pioneer Woman’ Star on Getting Her Own Barbie

When Ree Drummond first saw the Barbie doll inspired by her, she sent it back for a new wardrobe.
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When Harry and Meghan Went Public

An interview with Andrew Morton about his new book, "Meghan: A Hollywood Princess."
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Toys R Us Liquidation Sale Secrets

Toys R Us is closing all its stores across the United States, thanks to financial troubles and steep competition from companies like Amazon and Walmart. It's the end of the era for the toy store chain, and it's the beginning of a series of liquidation sales at hundreds of locations about the country.
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Behind Harry and Meghan's Church Wedding

In another era, Prince Harry marrying Meghan Markle would have been a scandal so large it would shake the British monarchy to its core. The bride-to-be is an American, a divorcée, and she also attended a Catholic school as a child—comparisons to Wallis Simpson and the Abdication aren't without their logic.
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Review: Disney's Pandora: World of Avatar

Get ready to wait in some insane lines. But it might be worth it.
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11 Things Every Woman Needs to Know About Credit Cards

The way for you to master the system is by getting good credit.
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Are the IKEA Mom's Claims of Human Trafficking Legit?

Experts say no — but there are still ways to keep your kids safe in crowded, public places.
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Inside the Butterball Turkey Talk Line

What it's like to help America cook its Thanksgiving turkey.
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8 Ways to Make Your Uber Driver Not Hate You

Apps like Uber and Lyft not only let you rate your driver — they also let your driver rate you on a five-star scale.
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19 Sneaky and Genius Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Save money without your guests ever noticing.
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​7 Things All Newlyweds Need to Do With Their Money, Stat

The full meaning of "for richer or for poorer."​

7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Kentucky Derby Hat

Sure, the Kentucky Derby is the biggest horse race of the year. But let's be honest: It's really more of a fashion show for the most over-the-top hats of the year.
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Megan Friedman

I'm a magazine junkie, in print and online. (I blame my mom, who can never resist a checkout-counter glossy.) These days I have moved from the magazine world to the world of tech, working at Google as the Features Editor of The Keyword.



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