Megan Friedman

Deputy News Editor at Hearst Digital Media

New York, NY

Megan Friedman

Native South Floridian, current Jersey resident, consistent animal lover and Internet addict. Natural born editor who specializes in lifestyle, culture, travel, and women's issues.


What's Going on with Jimmy's Brother on Better Call Saul?

On Monday night's episode of Better Call Saul, we got a deeper look into the troubled life of Jimmy's brother, Chuck McGill.
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Kate Middleton's Hyperemesis Gravidarum Isn't Just Morning Sickness

While the world is celebrating the upcoming arrival of Royal Baby #2, Kate Middleton is probably trying to keep her breakfast down.

Is Getting a Pelvic Exam a Waste of Time?

Strapping into stirrups at the gynecologist’s office may be a thing of the past.
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Megan Friedman

I'm a magazine junkie, in print and online. (I blame my mom, who can never resist a checkout-counter glossy.) I love writing about pop culture, travel and tech — and sometimes a combination of the three.

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